If you have got this far, congratulations!  It shows personal strength
and motivation, not weakness, to seek some support when times are tough. 
I hope you take the plunge and book a session - I look forward to working with you!
If you would like to book in, please give me some idea of your availability so that I can offer you some appointment options...

But please note! :
- I am unlikely to have availability until the New Year
- From 1 August I am using temporary premises (see below) whilst a 
   new counselling room is being created at home
- I am unable to accept bookings for couples.

You can reach me, Janet Edwards, in the following ways:
Home:              0151 420 7382
Mobile:            07905 313647
Email:              goodtotalkto1@gmail.com  
or fill in the form below with any queries or comments (but first read the paragraph below about your privacy!):

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Your Privacy

This website is run by Vistaprint, an American company who are not party to the new EU GDPR regulations regarding the use of your data.  I have contacted them for reassurance and they say:
"Please note that we do not collect any personal information that your customers are writing in the forms of your website." 
They are coming back to me with further info when they have it.  I have used them for 10 years and had no problems but in light of this please think carefully about the personal information that you may wish to share on the form.  If in doubt, just send me a separate email. 

Thank you.

My private practice address:   Coroners Lane  Widnes  Cheshire WA8 9JN
                                                         (off road parking available outside)

from 1 Aug - end Dec business address is:

24 Carlton Street, Widnes WA8 6NP